Football Playoff Game

Lambda Chi Alpha battled against Phi Kappa Sigma in a tough playoff game on Tuesday Oct.15, unable to hold a lead late in the second half, and ending their Fall season with a 20-24 final score. There was plenty of player hustle, but we just ran out of time on our final drive. LCA thanks their fans for their strong support and look forward to more games in the Spring.

Highlights included two Ray Parker touchdowns, and a TD pass from a patient QB Mark Everman, finding Justin Reed wide open in the endzone to start the scoring.


Featured Photos with captions

followed by a slideshow of other photos in game time order

Scotty Dung

Scotty Dung bothering a QB in the pocket.

Mark Hardison

Mark Hardison chasing down a running back so quickly, he scares the ball carrier right out of the picture.

Justin Reed

Justin Reed running down the QB, …  and then there’s Ray’s thrilling run …

Ray Parker

Ray Parker breaking thru the line …

Ray Parker

and into the secondary …

Ray Parker

way down field … say good bye …

Ray Parker